​​​Wh​y Attend?

World Brewing Congress (WBC) is the only brewing event uniting the global brewing community every four years to advance brewing science through the exchange of leading scientific research, established methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies. We want you to join us! ​​​​

​​Superior Programming 
Immerse yourself in the ground-breaking programming at World Brewing Congress 2024. Feel empowered during 3 days of the latest insights, methodologies, and innovations in brewing science. Gain knowledge related to your specific interests in over 30 sessions.​


Invaluable Connections
Collaborate across continents by connecting with hundreds of industry leaders, brewing experts, and new brewers from over 25 countries. Forge new connections, share ideas, and unite the brewing world during casual meetups, a themed party, or a field trip. 


Distinguished Speakers
Get inspired by industry pioneers and thought leaders. Our 2024 lineup of distinguished speakers brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from all over the brewing industry. Discover unique perspectives and connections of the topics of the scientific sessions and Taproom Talks. 

​Global Perspective on Industry Challenges
Engage in discussions about the challenges and opportunities facing the brewing industry on a global scale. Hear directly from leaders in participating organizations and contribute to the dialogue on innovation and strategies relevant to the future of brewing. 

​Limited Opportunity – Once Every Four Years
Don't wait until 2028! World Brewing Congress happens only once every four years. Join hundreds of brewing professionals​ August 17-20 to gain access to world-class knowledge and connections. 

Gain Employer Buy-In

At World Brewing Congress, we understand the importance of professional development in the brewing industry. If you're eager to attend our upcoming event but need support from your employer, we've made it easy for you to draft a compelling justification letter. Simply fill in your details, customize as needed, and send to your employer.  ​​​​​

Download Sample Letter​

WBC is hosted by the American Society of Brewing Chemists and Master Brewers Association of the Americas, with active participation by Brewery Convention of Japan, European Brewery Convention, and Institute of Brewing and Distilling