Brewery and Laboratory Safety

Sunday, August 14  •  9:45–11:30 a.m.
Tower Building, Majestic Level, Majestic Ballroom

Aaron Golston, Lagunitas Brewing Co.; Mark Jaeggi, Monsanto; Jody Seamen, MillerCoors; Jaime Wenham, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

There is nothing more important in a brewery than safety. Brewery staff are surrounded by hazardous equipment on a daily basis and can become quite comfortable with this fact. However, comfort should never preclude a safety-minded culture. Each brewery is unique; however, one commonality exists between all: the desire to keep the loyal, dedicated, and hardworking people safe while producing delicious beer. This joint workshop will address the big picture of safety for both brewery and laboratory operations. Interactive examples and discussions on the most common safety concerns and oversights within the industry will provide insight into safety solutions. The goal of this session is to increase awareness of best practices and to establish the importance of a safety-minded culture.  A culture that ensures everyone goes home safe every night.

Brewing Fundamentals: Wort Boiling, Practical Science and Techniques

Sunday, August 14  •  3:30–5:15 p.m.
Tower Building, Second Level, Grand Ballroom

Ashton Lewis, Paul Mueller Company; John Mallet, Bell's Brewery, Inc.; Gregg Norris, GEA; Chad Thompson, Ecolab

Brewing Fundamentals sessions aim to provide information for people who are new to the brewing industry while progressing to information that should be new or at least a welcomed reminder for seasoned veterans.

This year the focus will be on Wort Boiling, Practical Science and Techniques! Boiling is a critical process for producing high quality beers. This process can often be taken for granted until there is a reduction in performance. Being able to maintain optimal conditions it is critical and knowing how to troubleshoot the process can be invaluable when problems occur. To tackle this topic thoroughly we have brought the following topics and renowned speakers together to deliver a concise review of the subject:

  • Theory of Heat Exchange—Ashton Lewis, Paul Mueller Company
  • Wort Boiler Design and Construction—Gregg Norris, GEA
  • Approach to Heating and Boiling Wort—John Mallet, Bell’s Brewery
  • Brew Kettle Cleaning—Chad Thompson, Ecolab

A Sensory Lexicon for Barrel-Aged Beers

Sunday, August 14  •  3:30–5:15 p.m.
Tower Building, Majestic Level, Majestic Ballroom

Jessica Davis, The Bruery; Chad Yakobson, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer

The ever-evolving world of craft brewing has given birth to many exciting beer styles, including barrel-aged beers. The plethora of sensory attributes varies depending on the type of barrel. Beers can be aged in rum, tequila, brandy, wine, whiskey barrels, and many more. Barrel-aged beers can be further categorized into sour or non-sour ("cleans"). This workshop will explore the sensory descriptors of beers aged in whiskey barrels. It will include sensory descriptors for both sour and non-sour beers. Prepare yourself for an interactive session that includes samples for both sour and non-sour whiskey barrel-aged beers.

Supplier Partnerships

Monday, August 15  •  9:45–11:30 a.m.
Tower Building, Majestic Level, Majestic Ballroom

Sal Calandra, Linde Gas; Aaron Golston, Lagunitas Brewing Co.; Rob Maruyama, MillerCoors; Susan Welch, Skagit Malting; Jim Withee, GigaYeast

Are you taking full advantage of your brewery and supplier relationships? Have you ever found yourself wondering why your brewery/supplier relationship isn’t driving more performance and value? Whether you have a fully functioning supplier management process at your brewery/supplier location or you just need to solve day-to-day issues, this workshop will share best practices for developing and leveraging supplier partnerships. Case studies from brewery/supplier partnership work will be presented by industry peers to illustrate the importance and value of building partnerships. Quality and productivity improve and value is created when each partner understands the others' expectations and requirements and appreciate what each brings to the supplier/brewer partnership.

Practical Applications of Six Sigma Concepts in a Brewing Laboratory

Monday, August 15  •  2:15–4:45 p.m.
Tower Building, Majestic Level, Majestic Ballroom

Additional registration and fee required: $49 - SOLD OUT

Ruth Krywicki, MillerCoors

Register for this workshop to gain insight on how to apply Six Sigma concepts in your laboratory using real examples. This workshop will help you understand when and how to create control charts for instrumentation and laboratory tests; when and how to use gage repeatability and reproducibility (R&R), why this would be the tool to use, and what to do with the results; when and how to do a failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) and how the risk priority number (RPN) should drive improving data credibility; and how to improve your lab flow using a Spaghetti Diagram.

Hygienic Design, Sustainable Cleaning, and Validation

Tuesday, August 16  •  9:45–11:30 a.m.
Tower Building, Majestic Level, Majestic Ballroom

Wade Begrow, Bell's Brewery, Inc.; James Diamantis, The Vincit Group; Bryan Downer, Central States Industrial; Kara Taylor, White Labs, Inc.

Even though the optimization and validation of sanitation procedures is the most efficient way to minimize product contamination—it is oftentimes neglected. At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have an increased understanding of the principles of brewery hygiene. Topics will include plant sanitary design, sanitation validation, sustainable cleaning, air/compressed gas monitoring, sanitary surfaces, and environmental testing. This interactive workshop will provide participants with hands-on demonstrations of monitoring techniques such as ATP testing, air settling plates, and environmental swabbing. Attendees will be sure to come away with practical techniques to improve their own hygiene programs.

Food Safety — What is Required for Breweries and How Are They Doing It?

Tuesday, August 16  •  2:00–3:15 p.m.
Tower Building, Second Level, Grand Ballroom

Tatiana Lorca, Ecolab; Mary Jane Maurice, Malteurop North America; Gary Nicholas, Surly Brewing Company; Patrick Staggs, Crown Beverage Packaging; Dan Voce, Matt Brewing Company

The topic of food safety for breweries is becoming very prevalent as pressures increase from regulatory agencies and customers while brewers try to keep up with the requirements as they are rolled out. We have assembled a panel covering the spectrum of brewery sizes as well as an industry expert to help us translate the requirements for breweries and hear from brewers about how they are getting it done. The panel will answer some of the biggest questions in this area on topics such as GMP/GBP and prerequisite programs, HACCP, training programs, anticipated roadblocks, and cultural barriers. Audience members will benefit from well-rounded answers of various points of view from brewers at different stages in his/her journey with food safety. There will also be an open period to address questions from the audience.

Hops and Their Evaluation Within Today’s Ever-Changing Brewing World

Tuesday, August 16  •  3:30–5:15 p.m.
Tower Building, Second Level, Grand Ballroom

Tim Kostelecky, John I Haas Inc.; Paul Matthews, Hopsteiner; Jason Perrault, Select Botanicals Group LLC; Christina Schoenberger, Joh Barth & Sohn Gmbh & Co. KG; Tom Shellhammer, Oregon State University

Today’s brewing landscape is constantly evolving with more demand than ever on providing the customer with continued variability and consistent quality. Hops play a key role in this pursuit influencing many new beer styles. New evaluation techniques for hops and beers, along with exciting new varieties, are the centerpiece of this beer renaissance. This workshop will bring various groups together to learn about evaluating hops from the field to the finished beer. We will show different perspectives from several groups that will demonstrate how far hop industry evaluation techniques have come. This interactive workshop will provide attendees with an educational and meaningful experience on the world of hops.

Sour Beers

Tuesday, August 16  •  3:30–5:15 p.m.
Tower Building, Majestic Level, Majestic Ballroom

Rob Christiansen, Lauren Salazar, and Kelly Tretter, New Belgium Brewing Co.; Andy Parker, Avery Brewing Co.

New Belgium Brewing Company and Avery Brewing Company join together to take you through their souring processes. They combine the art and mystery of blending from a wood cellar with the science of souring, including TA measurements, acid profiles, and microbial populations. Learn from industry experts the art of creating a blended sour beer from a wood cellar, then dive into the science going on behind the scenes of these unique and complex beers. Finally, the official beer of the WBC will be explored.

Managing the Herd

Wednesday, August 17  •  8:15–9:30 a.m.
Tower Building, Majestic Level, Majestic Ballroom

Matthew Bochman, Indiana University and Wild Pitch Yeast; Karen Fortmann, White Labs; Alicia Gutierrez Linares and Stijn Mertens, KU Leuven CMPG and VIB Lab for Systems Biology

It is an exciting time in the "yeastdom," the expansive world of brewing yeasts! The tools available to characterize these fascinating organisms and gain a deeper understanding of the individual strains have greatly expanded in recent years. This knowledge can truly bring a new dimension to beer and is giving brewers new opportunities to use their creativity. This workshop will focus on the newest developments regarding yeast strain characterization and latest updates on yeast production and handling.