Global Conversations

Brewing Water: Taking Control and Flavor Impacts

Sunday, August 14  •  3:30–5:15 p.m.
Plaza Building, Concourse Level, Governor’s Square 14

Steve Corbett, H20 Engineering; Aaron Justus, Ballast Point Brewing; John Palmer, Palmer Brewing Solutions, Inc.

Are you still struggling to take control of water at your brewery? Do you have control but wonder about the next steps? Are you wondering if you are actually doing everything you should be doing? This Global Conversations session will help you answer these questions. This session will consist of an overview of water chemistry and pH control so that you understand the basic processes and the methods for adjustments. It will also include a discussion of the practical use of reverse osmosis and deaeration technology in a large craft brewery to assist with your understanding on the next step in water treatment. Lastly the session captures the essence of a study examining the effects of manipulating water chemistry and its resultant impact on beer flavor, also at a large craft brewery. Join us to learn and understand how you can take control of your brewing water and better control of your beer.


Beverage Consumer Trends

Tuesday, August 16  •  2:00–3:15 p.m.
Tower Building, Majestic Level, Majestic Ballroom

Jenny Zegler, Mintel

Global consumer insights agency Mintel provides a look at three trends shaping the way international consumers are approaching beverages, including, but not limited to, alcohol. The presentation will include how story-telling is changing consumers’ preferences, the influence nostalgia is having on flavors, and how omnipresent health and wellness priorities are affecting the alcohol category. Following the trend presentation, a question and answer session will take place with the analyst.