Supplier Session

A Supplier Session is your ticket to meeting with a targeted audience of WBC attendees. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your latest products and services, educate prospects, conduct focus groups – the time is yours!

  • 30 minute Supplier Session $250
  • 60 minute Supplier Session $500

Each Supplier Session includes a room set for 30 people theater style, AV, display table in back of room, and listing in program book. 

All Supplier Session openings have been reserved. Contact Debi Maines for other opportunities.

Session Schedule

Sunday, August 14​​   
​9:45–10:15 a.m. ​Cablevey Conveyors ​Plaza Court 4
​9:45–10:15 a.m. Munters Corporation ​Plaza Court 6
​9:45–10:15 a.m. Steinfurth, Inc. ​Plaza Court 5
​9:45–10:45 a.m. ​Christian Gresser ​Plaza Court 7
​10:45–11:15 a.m. ​Donaldson Company, Inc. ​Plaza Court 6
​10:45–11:15 a.m. ​Rheonix Food & Beverage ​Plaza Court 5
​2:00–2:30 p.m. ​DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, LLC ​Plaza Court 7
​2:00–3:00 p.m. ​Day & Zimmermann ​Plaza Court 5
​2:00–3:00 p.m. ​EAGLE Certification Group ​Plaza Court 4
​2:00–3:00 p.m. ​HEUFT USA, Inc. ​Plaza Court 6
​2:45–3:15 p.m. ​DuPont Industrial Biosciences ​Plaza Court 7
Monday, August 15   
​8:15–8:45 a.m. ​Logos Biosystems ​Plaza Court 6
​8:15–9:15 a.m. ​Cicerone Certification Program ​Plaza Court 5
​8:15–9:15 a.m. ​DSM Food Specialties ​Plaza Court 4
​9:45–10:15 a.m.
Beer Flavor Map ​Plaza Court 6
​9:45–10:15 a.m.
Fulton Companies ​Plaza Court 4
​9:45–10:45 a.m. ​Milne Fruit Products ​Plaza Court 5


​​​Advance Registration Roster

Let congress attendees know that you will be exhibiting at WBC 2016. Pre-congress marketing can set you apart. Order your advance registration list using the Exhibition Order Form, and make plans to send a message to congress attendees personally inviting them to your exhibit. The advance registration roster will be available June 2016.