131. Loral HBC 291—A new flavor hop variety

Tim Kostelecky (1), Michael Ferguson (1), Jason Perrault (2), Scott Varnum (1), Gene Probasco (1); (1) John I. Haas, Inc., Yakima, WA, U.S.A.; (2) Select Botanicals Group, Yakima, WA, U.S.A.


Loral HBC 291 is a new flavor hop variety developed and released by the Hop Breeding Company LLC. The aroma profile of the hop has been described as that of a “super noble hop,” with its wonderful floral and herbal notes followed by a backdrop of citrus and earthy character. In beer the floral notes are accentuated yet complemented nicely by fruity and citrus notes with a hint of herbal. This hop is great for distinctive IPAs and pale ales and perfect for sessionable and lager-style beers. Loral is a daughter of the U.S. developed aroma variety Glacier and a granddaughter of the old European noble aroma variety Tardif de Bourgogne, which originated in the Bourgogne region of eastern France. The father is a son of the U.S. developed variety Nugget. Loral is characterized by having numerous small, dense cones with a moderate alpha-acid content of 10.0-12.0% and a beta-acid content of 4.5-5.5%. The cohumulone content of the alpha-acids is 21.0-23.0%, and total oils range from 1.5-2.5 mL/100 g of hops.